Wi-fi connection at the College

Dear all

Sometimes I am asked questions about whether it is possible to bring your laptop from home and connect it via Wi-fi at the College, and if so how it’s done. I hope this answers your main questions:

Wi-Fi is available at the Manchester centre, principally in the library. We will soon be putting up a ‘Wireless Hotspot’ sign there. 

To connect to the College Of Law Wireless network, open your Wireless Network Connection Manager by right clicking on the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Search for available Wi-Fi networks by clicking on “View Available Wireless Networks”

Note: you may have alternative connection manager/software provided by your network device manufacturer, such as Belkin/Realtek/Linksys etc). In this instance we’ll use the in-built Windows XP Connection Manager as an example.

When you get a message that “The College Of Law” wireless has been detected,  click ‘connect’ to  establish a connection.

Once connected, the connection Manager will show your connection and the strength of the signal: if your signal is low/weak you may need to re-position yourself so you are in an area where the signal is stronger.

Close the Wireless Connection window.

Now that you have connected successfully, open up Internet Explorer to authenticate your login.  You will be automatically redirected to the College of Law Wireless Network log in screen.

You will need to login using your 6 digit Student Reference Number and password.

Should you encounter any problems connecting to the College Wi-Fi network please seek the assistance of a Resource Technician.

If you are bringing your laptop in, I hope this  helps you!


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