Welcome to the College of Law at Manchester 2010/2011

Dear Students!

Whether you are new to the College, or whether you are returning from last year, the library team at Manchester wishes you a very warm welcome for the new academic year.  We hope you will find the library a useful resource.

Congratulations- you have found the library blog.  At least once a week, we will be making a post here.  Posts will include our opening hours each weekend, forthcoming training sessions, and a regular series on how to access and use online resources.  But we will also make posts on any other library-related issue we think you would find useful.

So: please do carry on checking the blog regularly.  It only takes a few seconds, but if you don’t you might miss something really important!

Your library team is as follows:

Andrea Milne is our information asssistant and works on Monday and Tuesday.

David Battersby is an information officer and works on Wednesday and Friday.

Stephanie Verlander is also an information officer and works on Thursday.

In addition, we have three part time information assistants who work in the evenings and at weekends and are LPC students here: they are Jacqui, Sasha and Mano.

We’re all committed to ensuring you get the best out of the library during your time here, and we’re looking forward to meeting you soon.

So enjoy the year, and have a great library experience!

Manchester library team

Author: manchesterlawlibrary

One of seven centre libraries serving The University of Law

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