PLR: information for LPC students

This year’s PLR assignment is being handed out today to full time LPC students, and will be handed out shortly to many part time LPC students.

While the assignment is active, library staff are limited in the amount of research help they can give you.  The help we are allowed to give is as follows:

Paper based materials

We can show you where books or sets of books are located on the shelves, we can help you find a missing volume and we can show you in very general terms how to use a set of books .

Online materials

We can show you how to access online resources, we can explain the significance of certain fields or buttons and we will report any online failure on your behalf.

Most other things we cannot assist you with, but please note especially that we cannot help you with the following:

  • We cannot suggest sources (printed or online) as being appropriate for your task
  • We cannot suggest research strategies you might wish to follow
  • We cannot assist you to research a specific item
  • We cannot comment on the appropriateness or completeness of the research you have carried out, and specifically we cannot tell you when you have done enough and completed the task.

Good luck with your PLR assignment!

Author: manchesterlawlibrary

One of seven centre libraries serving The University of Law

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