Library workshops (evening students only)


As you know, the hand-in date for your PLR this year is 30th November.   The library team hopes you have been able to make good progress with your research.  If you feel you would like a little more background information on research, we are arranging two voluntary workshops at the College in the early evening of Friday 19th November.

Both sessions will take place in the library, and will be led by David Battersby, one of the two Information Officers at Chester.  There will be a session on how to use paper-based resources from 4.30 to 5.30, and then one on how to use electronic database resources from 5.30 to 6.30.  Both sessions are voluntary, and attendance at one does not mean that you have to attend the other.

We have chosen early Friday evening because experience suggests this is the most convenient time for most of you.  Inevitably, some people may not be able to attend: we apologise for this but would like to remind you that there are other useful means of getting help: please contact David or Stephanie for more information.

Because LPC is in progress, we’re sure you’ll understand that it is not possible for us to answer specific topic-related questions during the workshops.

We will admit every evening LPC student who wishes to attend: but so that we know what kind of numbers we are likely to expect, if you do want to come to either or both workshops, please send an e-mail to, giving your name, class number and which workshop(s) you’re coming to.

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