Eating and drinking in the library

Yesterday you should all have received an e-mail from Steph on the subject of eating and drinking in the library.

The smell from cooked, aromatic food, tends to linger in the library for a few hours afterwards, and quickly becomes quite unpleasant.  In addition, the library is very full of computers so that the danger of liquids being spilt over electrical equipment, or crumbs falling into keyboards, is significant.

Therefore, refreshments in the library should be limited to sweets and cold drinks, which should be in spill proof bottles.

Anything else: sandwiches, burgers, pies and pasties, soup, any kind of hot food and anything which is highly aromatic- this includes tea and coffee!!- should not be brought into the library.  There are signs about reminding you of this.

Many thanks for helping us to ensure the library is an ideal environment for study!

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