PfP ii voluntary workshops

This notice is mainly for GDL students, but LPC students might also find it useful:

AS PfP ii starts to draw near, it is important to hone your research skills!  Being able to access information quickly and efficiently may help you to achieve a better result.  Hopefully, you are now well skilled in Halsbury’s, Current law and their online equivalents: if not your IOs Steph and David can help you.

However, at this stage being able to research journals will be of enormous help, and therefore we have arranged a series of voluntary workshops to take place in the library beginning after consolidation week.  Each workshop will last about an hour and will be led by either Steph or David.  They will take place at the following times and dates:

Wednesday 2nd March 12 noon

Wednesday 9th March 2.30 pm

Thursday 10th March 12.45 pm

Sign up sheets will appear on the library counter very soon.

We do hope that you will all find at least one time when you are able to come and apologise if this is not the case.  If you can’t come to a session, we may be able to offer ad hoc research advice.

LPC students:  Although these sessions are aimed primarily at GDL students, you are welcome to attend if you would like to.

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