GDL Statutory extracts 2011 edition

This post is for GDL students

I’m sure your tutors have mentioned that the College has just published a 2011 edition of the statutory extracts which differs in some areas from the 2010 edition you received at the beginning of the year.

We have three copies of the new extracts which are available from the library for up to 3 hours per loan.  Please ask for a copy at the Information Officer’s desk.

However, the extracts are also available via ELITE.  On ELITE they are divided up by subject, so first you need to decide which subject  (e.g. Public, Contracts, etc. ) you are interested in.  Then go into ELITE and choose that subject.  Among the options you should see one marked ‘Statutory Extracts’.  Click over it to view the section of the statutory extracts which relates to that subject.

Please note that there is no single link to the entire statutory extracts, instead you have to choose which subject area you want to look at.  I think this may have caused a little confusion!

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