External training sessions

The library has booked some database training  to take place over the next two weeks.  Employees of the companies which create and maintain the databases will come in to the library and run sessions for everyone who wants to attend, LPC or GDL.  These sessions are voluntary and free and last about 45 minutes to an hour.  In each case we have arranged three sessions on the day- you can attend whichever is most convenient.

We warmly recommend the sessions as an excellent way of becoming familiar with these important research tools, which you will need both for your course and your future career in law.

Here are the session details:

Lexis Library: Monday 3rd October: 11 am, 12.45 pm or 2 pm.

Westlaw: Friday 7th October: 11 am, 12.45 pm or 2 pm.

Justis: Monday 10th October: 11 am, 12.45 pm or 2 pm.

PLC: Tuesday 18th October: 11 am, 12.45 pm or 2 pm.

To reserve your place on  the sessions, sign up forms will appear on the counter in the library tomorrow (Thursday).

For more information about the sessions, please speak to David or Peter.

We’re always conscious that we have a relatively limited window in which we can organise the sessions, so we apologise sincerely to anyone who cannot attend any or all of the sessions.  Please get in contact with David or Peter for suggestions for further research help.

We hope you are able to attend the sessions- we’re sure you’ll find them useful if you do.

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