Short loan collection

Do you find it is a problem getting the book you need from the library?

The library is designed in size and scope to reflect what you might find in a large law firm.  However, it can come under stress each year early in the Spring term, when GDL students begin researching for PFP and need a wide range of titles.

To combat this problem, we have now started a short loan collection.  If you look behind the Information Officer’s desk, on the other side of the window you will see a collection of books.  You can borrow any one of these books for three hours at a time- just ask whoever is at the desk.  When you’re finished with the book, come back to the desk to either return it or renew it (which you can do provided nobody else has reserved it).

This means that if all copies of a book are out, the maximum you will have to wait for a short loan copy is 3 hours (instead of several days as at present).

The short loan scheme is available when the main office is open, that is to say from 8 am to 6 pm each weekday, and from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays on teaching weekends only.  We anticipate that outside theses times the demand for books will be lower and therefore the short loan collection will not be required.

There’s only one danger: overdue fees are charged for short loan books at the rate of £1 per hour- so do make sure you return your loans promptly- otherwise it can be quite an expensive hobby!

At the moment, we are piloting the scheme and using College text books only- please feel free to start using it now.  We will start adding other books at the beginning of the new term.

As always, we greatly value your comments.  Please let any member of library staff know how you feel about the shortloan system, whether you intend to use it, or any suggestions you have about how we could improve it.  We’d be particularly interested in hearing about what titles you would like to see in the collection.

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