Revising for Exams? These resources may help…

Online study skills advice and courses
The Open University has a very good site with online resources covering all aspects of organising study.

The Guardian has some basic tips on maintaining health during the exam period.

Learning Higher has some online line tools about time management.

Find out where your time goes using this time management plan.

If you like technology, try these free apps:

Time management
Remember the Milk lets you organise and prioritise lists, revision sessions, reminders and tasks

Create your own revision timetable using Get revising

Exam Countdown – Richard Knights, iPhone/iPad

Counting down the days, hours and minutes until the next exam Being able to visualise the order of exams may help you prioritise revision sessions for each subject and effectively prepare for exams.

Mind Maps
Create your own mind map iMindMap –
One for visual thinkers and learners, iMindMap is a brilliant mind mapping application that turns an iPad or iPhone into a personal brainstorming and thought-structuring device. May also be useful for dyslexic students.

Writing skills

Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation

Happy revising!

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