OSCOLA Referencing


As you are aware, you need to use OSCOLA for referencing. There is a link to the guide on the Library’s main page. You may also find this quick reference guide useful. There is also a full guide for doing interviews, blogs etc.

Consistency is key when it comes to referencing, so please use the links above to make sure you have templates to hand.

Some things are not quite as obvious, for example Practice Notes on PLC, so if you need to reference one of those we advise you use the online journal format, i.e.:

Practical Law Company, ‘Practice Note: Additional claims and counterclaims under CPR 20’ <URL> accessed 1 June 2016.

However, you may be best served by using the Note for information then sourcing the primary resources mentioned within it. The same can apply to Halsbury’s.

Bear in mind that on some databases the URL to an article may be temporary, so it is always good practice to check the page in question for a stable URL. This is why it is always good to check the currency of the URL if, say, you have not used the site for a while and to always include a recent access date.

Here are some other useful links:

Citing International Law sources

OSCOLA main page

Citing the Law guide

If in doubt, feel free to come to the helpdesk or drop me a line. However, please bear in mind that I cannot check your references for consistency of look over your essays or pieces of work.



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