Finding Journals

5 steps to journal research

1) Login to Westlaw and search ‘Journals’

This is a fantastic resource. Westlaw UK Journals offers two services: full text articles and abstract articles. The full text articles are from journals published by Sweet & Maxwell, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press, amongst others. The article abstracts service, the Legal Journals Index (LJI) contains over half a million abstracts of articles from legal journals published since 1986.

2) Print off or save your search results and any full text articles that are available on Westlaw.

 I have a list of ten articles and Westlaw only has the full text articles of six – what shall I do now?

3) Search the Library Catalogue, which contains links to electronic versions of  journals, if available, as well as information about hard copy holdings at each centre library.

Go to ELITE>My Library>Library Catalogue.  Select ‘Journal Title’ from the drop-down menu in the Search within box, then type the name of the journal in the Search box, enclosing it in inverted commas to produce a phrase search.  This will take you straight to the page which lists the holdings information for this journal at all the centres.

Any link to an online version of the journal will indicate what years or volumes of the journal can be accessed via that database/ website.  Either click on the link to go directly to the database/ website, or scroll down to Manchester’s holdings to see whether the part of the journal that contains the article you need stored in the Manchester journals collection.

 That’s great,  I’ve found another two full text articles on LexisLibrary, and another article is in hard copy on the library shelves.  But that still leaves me with one article that I can’t find!  The catalogue says it’s held at another Centre, so can you get a copy for me?  

4) If the article is not available electronically and is not held at Manchester, please speak to the staff on the library desk, who will usually be able to obtain a copy for you.

In the footnotes in one of the articles I found a reference to an article in an American journal that looks interesting. I’ve Googled it and see that Manchester University Library has holdings. Do University of Law students have access rights to university libraries?

5) If you’re trying to find a book or journal article which isn’t available at any of the University’s centres, nor on our subscribed databases, you probably don’t need it. University of Law students do not have access rights to other academic libraries.  Many universities, however, will allow other students reference access to their hard copy journals collections – but it is always worth ringing ahead to check.

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