Research Help

This page describes sources of help and support in carrying out effective legal research, and will help you to make the most of the self-help tools available to you at the University.

Databases – Online Tutorials & Training
Access the databases at ELITE > My Library > Databases.  A number of the databases have online tutorials and training available for you to do in your own time:

LexisLibrary:  LexisLibrary > Help > Tutorials
Various short modules available – varying from 90 seconds to 10 minutes
Visit click on Public Courses to view a list of LexisLibrary scheduled webex training – Foundation and Advanced training available (requires internet access and phone)
Go to for further help.  Submit your research questions via the ‘Ask A Trainer’ link and take the LexisNexis certification test

Westlaw: Westlaw > Training Tutorial > Student Training Tutorial
Take a test when you’ve finished the training to gain a training certificate.
‘Westlaw UK Workouts’ are also available.  These are scheduled Webex training sessions (requires internet access and phone).

Lawtel: Lawtel > Help > Online Demos
Alternatively go to Lawtel > Help > Lessons for Webex training sessions (requires internet access and phone)

Practical Law PLC > Help > PLC Training > Training Materials  PLC user guides are available here.
See also ELITE > Library Portal > Online Tutorials> Practical Law Training webinar

Student Database Reps in Manchester
LexisLibrary, Westlaw/Lawtel and PLC Student Representatives are appointed each year to help you search these databases.  They are available for drop-in sessions and 1-2-1 appointments.

Databases – Printed Guides:
Printed guides to LexisLibrary, Westlaw and Lawtel are available in the Library.

Database – Help:
Lexis Library: 0845 370 1234

Westlaw: 0800 028 2200

Lawtel: 0800 018 9797

PLC: 020 7202 1220

Legal Research Guides
Guides to the main electronic and printed resources are available via ELITE > My Library > Research Support > Research Guides.

Legal Research i-Guides
Short multimedia ‘tutorials’ on the main research sources.  ELITE > Library Portal> e-learning Research Guides.  Titles include:
 Starting research
 Finding and updating cases
 Finding and updating legislation

Legal Research FAQs
The most commonly asked questions and answers about Legal Research are available at ELITE > Library Portal > Research Support > FAQs – Legal Research.

The attached guide will help you with citing and referencing legal resources.

Ask a Librarian: Enquiry Service
We provide a reference enquiry service for all Manchester University of Law students. Please visit the library desk, or contact us by email or phone:
01483 216229

Your Library
To find out more information about Library Services have a look at the other pages and postings on this website.

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